About Us


We started in 2010, a family run company with myself, Ethne, my late husband, Gavin and daughter, Tracy. We built an amazing team of the best sewers and makers, which soon became family. Originally a creative studio and manufacturing workshop based in Woodstock in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, we soon emerged to be a successful creative SME. 

I moved over to the UK in December 2020 - to establish Big Heart Company UK. The Big Heart UK journey is only just beginning.

With a keen interest and passion for up-cycling and embellishment of products this has led me to a perfect spot...CAMDEN, LONDON.  I spent the summer up-cycling New Jackets, tattooing sweet curses, creating fabric from garments. Sewing on the street at Buck Street market. Saving 1 garment at a time from ending in a landfill...

The unexpected happened in August - I fell on the streets of London snapping both my wrists. I am training my hands to work again, and who knows what these mechanical arms can do! I just know what ever it is, it is going to be fantastic and exciting!

We will be in Portabello road for Christmas.....

The original BIG HEART COMPANY favourites - Are available now on the website. The Original Love Bunny, Funny Bunny pillowcase, personalized pillowcases (on the way) and my little girls frock  #mollifrock and  many more. 

Creative gifting - Su Wolf cards...and this is where we have fun... creating amazing jewellery, jacket jewellery, sweet pins, re-cycled fabric...






Multimedia collage