Product Care

Although our items are crafted from nothing but the finest quality textiles, ink, and the most dedicated hands, the harshness of the African sun has been known to destroy even the most perfect of prints. By following these simple steps, however, you can easily double the lifespan of your precious goods.  

Bed Linen

All our duvet sets are produced by hand-printing bespoke designs onto 200 thread count, 100% cotton linen, using water based ink that is so mild on the skin that it is non-toxic to even the youngest of babies. To ensure many years of quality, luxurious sleep, make sure to:

  1. Treat with love.
  2. Wash at 40°C.
  3. Do not bleach.
  4. Iron on medium heat.
  5. Do not tumble dry.
  6. Line dry your linen inside out (to combat those pesky print-destroying UV-rays)


Shweshwe is a timeless South African cotton fabric, characterised by its intricate geometric prints and vivid colours. The Big Heart Company manufactures an array of products made from Shweshwe. Amazingly, these one-of-a-kind type goods aren’t that difficult to protect and maintain, just make sure to:

  1. Hand wash.
  2. Do not bleach.
  3. Use a warm iron.
  4. Do not tumble dry.


Little girls dress

For longevity, we advise handwash, with cold water.